Thursday, December 20, 2012

space cowboy

space the final frontier : is this real or and i tripping out ?

this event will be hosted in the planetarium located in the museum of natural history 

                                   Dave Archer , space painting on class

                                             this artist uses metallic powders and crystals and

                                             high voltage of electricity to add nebulosity lots of

                                            vibrant  colors it shows depth of view and a funky  

                                             yet groovy sense of movement in three dimensions


                                       Ludek Pesek , saturn from Rhea

                                       this painting depicts the absence of light in outer space and 

                                      its main source of  light is the sun ( which shows its radiance  on

                                      the left side of the planet Saturn ,primary solid color is black 

                                      but the main focus point is the illusion of the sun shining on the 

                                       planet without being portrayed in the this painting


                                  F.J. Spraypainter , outer space spray painting

                                           unanimous artist ,painted this piece using aerosol cans of paint

                                           in this painting he portrayed the planet Saturn , shift to a slanted angle 

                                         and its eclipsing the sun and the point of view is like the viewer is in an    

                                         asteroid and its looking  at the planet as the asteroid is slowly spinning 

                                         away its highly detailed and it uses 3 dark colors blue black and gray 

                                        and  sprinkles of white to show detailing for stars

 the exhibition  will be a gala ! ! ! do dress to the occasion 

the following  paintings above will be auctioned starting bid 

will be $15,000 . all proceeds will be given to the Vergara Art 

school for children with special needs .

     The following exhibition will have paintings and pieces depicting the different perspectives of the outer  space regions ,each piece has been carefully inspected by professional art connoseiurs  and handled with delicate manner the purpose of this exhibition is not only to educate in the different forms of art and how its used to depict the beauty of astral nature but to also show the creativity of the creators of each individual piece and their unique styles of painting and illustrating for our very own eyes to admire and connect with an enviornment we ourselves haven't seen , the artists are modern age artists nothing classic but with exquisit and unique taste , not only is the essence of space captured in this pieces but the concept of pure divine and unique feeling the unknown can give us humans
                                                                                           managing orchestrator of the event
                                                                                           Don.  Ari Loveth de Vergara

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  1. Hi Ari:
    Interesting idea although you miss some of the key parameters of the assignment, like - the site was supposed to be on the LGCC campus and relevant to the work you show; intended audience etc...