Thursday, December 20, 2012


By Abbie Cupid (Abbie: I had to fix your post because it looked CRAZY- it was all full of blank spaces. DE)
this show is based on the beautiful nature of the see and the life inside of it. the main pieces include  '' Under Water Treasure'' by Jason DeCaires, '' Ocean View Surf Waves'' artist unknown, ''summer sunrise shipwreck on outer Banks II'' by Dan Carmichael, ''Jellies'' by  Trey Collier, '' Avaritia '' by Jud Turner. you can find us in the E building stairwell!
Under Water Treasure by Jason  DeCaires I chose this piece because its unusual. something about this sculpture captured my eye. not only is it a image of a man on a  couch watching t.v, he's doing so underneath water. this monophonic piece uses corals and stones to create each sculpture. my objective   thought on this piece is  in a whole other environment(under water) this man seems to be comfortable. this is a perfect image to describe fish out of water, but the reverse. this  is also something you'll never get to see in real life. 


2. Ocean View Surf Waves I chose this image because of the point of view and the complementary  colors. the beautiful shades of blue mixed up in the waves and rushing to the sand , the orange sky with a hint of a yellow sun peaking through is different. normally the point of view would be from the land looking into the never ending ocean. looking at it from this point of view gives me the feeling of coming from a battle with a rough storm and  seeing the orange sky over land is a piece of hope left for survival. but in the same breath feeling the water rushing against my skin can compare to no other  feeling in the world.

--> 3. summer sunrise shipwreck on outer Banks II by Dan Carmichael the yellow sunset and horizontal lines mixing with the blue ocean is relaxing. the old ship hiding in the sand  is rusted.  to me with time everything that was once new becomes the sun sets each day this partially berried boat will get berried deeper into the sand. nothing on earth will last for ever and sooner or later no one will remember this boat but the beauty of nature and life will continue   

4.0 Jellies by  Trey Collierthis jelly fish is filled with  different shades of blue that gives it a dark,soft and powerful feeling. the way the legs are positioned gives a sense of movement. the implied light at the top gives us a sense of where the jelly fish is ( under water) and u can see shadows and movement of the water bellow the jellyfish do to the light. i picked this image because to me it shows the power of light in a dark place and how many pretty things you can find if you just look deeper and also the most pretty things can be deadly.

5 Avaritia '' by Jud Turner.
 this image is a picture of a type of fish found deep down in the darkness of the ocean. the angler fish is to me the most out of this world looking creature not only the structure of the body but the little light at the tip of its antennae. this fish is so incredible that it looks as if some one had to have made it in a lab. so this sculpture being made out of medal and looking like a machine captures my feeling about this fish.

Theme of my exhibition is ocean/ water life. I  chose work based on ocean/ under water life because I love water and the feeling it gives me. preferably the beach settings. something about the ocean is so calming and at the same time mysterious.its like a secret world kind of like out of space. and it has no ending. the deeper it gets the more surprises you can find. what place on earth can be more amazing.I chose to display these works in the stairwell this way everyone passing by will be able to see it. since the theme is water based it will give students a sense of calmness through a busy day. with a mixture of cool colors and beautiful images it is sure to sooth the soul. the reason I chose the staircase is because water can be a symbol of movement, as well as the stair well your either going up or down them to get where your going. so what better place to put something in constant motion whether its smooth waves or rough current.


  1. Interesting idea Abbie, I would have loved for you to expand on the theme of the show more- because it is interesting! I love the connection you make between the idea of water movement and the moving that happens in the stairwell- would have liked to hear you unpack that smart idea even more.