Thursday, October 18, 2012

QMA Trip

      even though there was alot of interesting pieces through out the  museum the two pieces of art work I chose were '' Oil on Canvas'' by Arturo Lindsay and '' Green plastic bottles on painted wooden panel '' by Jan Hendricks.

   For the first piece I picked by Arturo Lindsay. this is  a 2D image with the focal point being a fairly large scale of  a mans upper body. the man is red with the complimants of a yellow outterline. the shapes are organic and the painting overall is approximately symmetric do to the lizard it made the left side seem a little heavier. theres also a large white 3D monochromatic piece above with an organic design. the red gives the painting a powerful hot look while the background blue, black and purple gives off a more dark scarey cold look. the  squiggly line which lookes like souls in the backgroud gives the image  implied movement as if their rising from the dead.
  Jan Hendriks piece is 3D. the bottles use repetition forming the shape of  diamond. all of the bottles being monochromatic ( green) and being the same size gives a sense of unity and visual rhythm. the ottles are organically shaped but forms a geometrical shape. the negative space around it is yellow and in between is dark green. the scale of the object were life size and the art was symmetrical.
      the painting compared to the sculpture gave me more of a emotional rection due to the use of colors. while the 3D image was very simple but interesting at the same time

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  1. (266 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Abbie: why so brief? You start to make some good observations like when you point out how line is suggesting movement but are vague in some of your other descriptions like “theres also a large white 3D monochromatic piece above with an organic design” It seems like your writing got cut off? 3/5