Thursday, December 20, 2012


A Step Into The Wild Kingdom
My show is going to contain wildlife art works mainly because of the beauty that you see in animals in the wild. This show is going to be held at the cafeteria in the E building so that people can observe all the art around them and at the same time have food to enjoy and would stick around. I chose 5 works of 5 different artists Lauren K, Robert Bateman, Angel Ortiz, Jason Morgan, and Eric Wilson. one can tell right off the bat how beautiful, and majestic these wild animals really are.

                                                          Charging Lion by Lauren K

The first work of art that I chose is this 2D oil on canvas painting by Lauren K. In this painting you see a fierce looking lion charging at what one might assume is prey. The intense look on the lions eyes and face make the painting more fierce and just the thought that its a lion one already knows what he symbolizes, pride, courage and power. The great look of the complementary colors orange and green make the lion stand out more and the faded green behind the lion and the way the artist painted his paws is used perfectly to show that this lion is sprinting. Wouldn’t want to be in this lions crosshairs.

Russian Brown Bear by Robert Bateman.

The second work of art that I chose was another ferocious animal of the wild. A 2D acrylic on canvas portrait painting of a brown bear. The artist did a perfect job at making clear the enormous size of a bear. Keeping his ground on what seams to be a flowing river possibly looking for fish. The way this artist painted the water helps see how strong the current of the river really is. The shade of brown used for the color of the bear is used perfectly and the use of the color black around the eyes and mouth gives the bear a more serious mean kinda of look.

                                                   White Shark by Angel Ortiz
the 3rd work of art that I chose is this 2D canvas painting of a white shark in the middle of the ocean. This great work looks like a photograph but its actually a really good painting. The great use of light that shines through the surface of the water and shines on the shark as well. The way this is painted gives you a perfect view of the size and depth of the ocean. The swerving white line towards the top of the painting is perfect to show where the surface is and how the current is moving. The way the teeth are shown and the different color shades of blue on the shark give it an even meaner look to it too.

                                                      Shanti by Jason Morgan

The last work of art that I chose I a 2D oil on canvas painting of a tiger. Shanti the name of the painting means peace, tranquility, or bliss. What got my attention in this painting is the patterns and marking on the tigers face and body. They stand out perfectly and it is known that a tigers marking are as unique as a person fingerprints. The bright orange eyes on the tiger are intimidating and pierce right through you.

                                          Lone Wolf by Eric Wilson

The 4th work of art that I chose is a 2D acrylic painting on Masonite. This painting contains a wolf with a beautiful landscape with the view of a lake and mountain behind it. The mountain itself is painted perfectly next to the clouds and the low flying clouds. The lake is also painted in a way that you can see the division between the water and the frozen water. With all the trees, snow and mountain in the background of the wolf one can tell that the wolf is the one who controls most of what you see there. His territory.

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  1. Michael: interesting, but missing a lot of what was required. What is the idea of the show and what message are you trying to present as a curator and to who? There is the obvious connection of wild animals in these works, but why did you pick these as opposed to any other ones? This seems too rushed and too brief, you don't really explain your ideas or choices.