Thursday, December 20, 2012

My final project is going too be called Num Num i choosed different desserts from different painters . i like desserts and these looks so tasty hope you feel the same way as well
This delicious strawberry filling cheese cake
This chocolate dazzle
This amazing holiday snacks for christmas
i Would post this painting in the lunchroom because its a good delicious display and the painting has alot of texture and colors and people can get ideas about what they want too make for holidays or even just any day

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  1. Sherlina:
    It is troubling that after 3 months in this course you identify these as paintings. These are not paintings, they are commercial images from the web. I would hope a student of this class would be able to know the difference. Also you did not follow almost all of the instructions of this assignment thereby missing the mark by a WIDE margin. Very disappointing!