Friday, December 7, 2012


The trip was great last Friday. I chose two art works to present.

The first one i choose is the Fred Eversley's works. The medium of this works is the cast polyester. He uses the highly translucent,reflective surfaces of these sculptures  to produce an optical experience. Those basic geometric forms emerge the light refraction. Walking around these small monoliths,gives us multiple ways to view light and changing color through the translucent materials.  When u take a look at it , it make you feel you are looking at vast area not just the spheres.

The second piece i chose is the "Gradual Troop withdrawal"  1970 by John T. Riddle . In the gradual Troop withdrawal, riddle depicts a solider sprawling backward, supported by a circular steel frame that extends from his left leg.  It seems like  he's struck by something with power and that thing blows him up into air. Wood chip and some sundries represent his viscera and what is inside the body is already mass up. And the head is half missing. it looks like some one just get shot and fall backward. I think the artist try to show us the war is cruel.

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  1. Xiu! Why so brief? (199) words of the required 500. You picked two very interesting pieces- and could have written much more about color choices, shapes and scale. What about representational style in the second piece? What about the sense of implied movement in the body? And what about some more of your personal interpretations? 7/10 points